The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 907

Chapter 907: Am I Your Boyfriend Now?

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"I understand that you can imitate Celestial Master Zuo. You are quite handsome but still not comparable to him. The gap between both of you is even bigger than the distance between the sky and the ground. Although the men in our city like to imitate him, we do not dare to wear the same ornament as he does. We only can wear the jade that looks similar to his jade but not copying exactly! Oh yeah, who is the idiot that sold this ornament to you? He was involving you in crime!"

The seller earnestly urged Di Fuyi to take down the fox eye jade from his forehead.

Gu Xijiu naturally understood the situation. She felt it was hilarious in her heart. She coughed and tried to pull Di Fuyi away, "Alright, let's go."

The seller did not give up. He would like to leave his stall and chase after them. Gu Xijiu flicked her finger and the jade fell to the ground

The seller was shocked and immediately returned to his stall. When he checked on the jade he found that the jade was sitting