The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 909

Chapter 909: What Was He Trying To Show Her Underwater?

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Gu Xijiu could clearly see Di Fuyi's eyes in the bubble. He was manipulating the bubble with a spell that he was holding in one hand and at the same time, embracing her with the other arm.

What was he trying to show her underwater?

Did he want to show her the night views in the dark abyss? She honestly felt that there was nothing she could see.

Was it for the clams?

Could it be the crystal palace?

After all, the crystal palace was just a building from the ancient tales. It was impossible for it to exist for real.

They had already been a few hundred meters underwater. If the bubble broke, both of them in the bubble would not only be drowned they would be easily crushed under the tremendous pressure.

It was clear to see how much pressure the bubble could take.

Gu Xijiu knew that it would not be easy for him at the moment, so she did not ask him any further. As long as he was with her, she would never have any danger. Even under the circumstances of immen