The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 91

Chapter 91: My Space Can Still Grow Bigger

"Space?" Gu Xijiu asked in excitement.

In her previous life, she had read a lot of fantasy novels where most of the heroes in the stories owned unique spaces that could be carried around together with them. Inside the space, the heroes could grow herbs, keep pets, and even practice so that they could level-up quickly

It meant that once she had space she had everything!

Finally, it was her turn to get the blessing of her own space.

This time, she looked at it excitedly and said, "Tell me, where is your space? How can I get into it?"

The Firmament Stone was frightened when Gu Xijiu looked at it, "You You cannot go into it. You can only put things into it."

"So it is like a storage space?" Gu Xijiu asked. That was pretty good too.

Under the urging of Gu Xijiu, the Firmament Stone Bracelet finally shyly opened up its space a space the size of a drawer. It was so small that Gu Xijiu wondered, "Was it possible that it looked small but had unlimited space to store things?"

Gu Xijiu immediately caught a big fat rat at the corner of the room and put it into the drawer.

The Firmament Stone was shocked and shouted, "It cannot be a living creature!"

It seemed like there were so many rules to follow. Gu Xijiu was a bit disappointed by all this but overall she was generally still very excited. It was still a great asset even if it could only store non-living objects. She could store her pills, her pill-maker, along with many different kinds of things into it. If she could most of the possessions she carried daily into this space, she only needed to wear this bracelet to go out in future.

Within a moment, the drawer was full after it was occupied by a pair of shoes.

The Firmament Stone Bracelet was a bit unhappy and complained, "Its too big. I cant close the space. 'Woman', please dont put all these unnecessary things here. It is only meant for important and small objects like your pill bottle"

Gu Xijiu stared at it sternly and remarked, "Your space is too small!"

The Firmament Stone Bracelet felt a bit guilty at this comment and said, "This space is not small for a bracelet."

"A backpack is even more useful than you." Gu Xijiu said in disappointment.

"My space can still grow bigger. When I absorb more energy it will be bigger"

Gu Xijiu shook her head in disappointment. She felt like she was being fooled by the Firmament Stone Bracelet.

She suddenly recalled something, "Did you say earlier that you are an encyclopedia?"

"Yes." Firmament Stone Bracelet answered proudly.

"Who was the person inside the pool?" Gu Xijiu asked.

"Isnt she a princess?" The bracelet replied.

Gu Xijiu doubted its response, "She didnt look like a princess."

She had the impression that the person inside the pool was not a normal person. The momentum that she had did not seem to be one of a princess.

Although she looked obedient after being tied up, Gu Xijiu had a feeling that she was actually a lion. More importantly, she also felt that her beauty was a bit familiar.

"That person is indeed a bit weird." Firmament Stone Bracelet answered carefully. It continued, "I also cannot tell her true ability."

"What do you mean?" Gu Xijiu asked.

"When I get near to someone, I can tell the level of their 'spirit' power. For example, Rong Jialuo is now level six... Rong Che is level five... Rong Chu is close to level five... And, Rong Yan is close to level four"

The Firmament Stone Bracelet was correct on all accounts.

Lastly, it added, "But this person I am not able to determine. She looks like she has no 'spirit' power but it also seems unfathomable..."