The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 913

Chapter 913: Great Intuition!

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Di Fuyi did not interrupt her, as the stars had occupied his attention as well. He fixed his gaze at the space somewhere in the east. There was a star, though not obvious. It was not the brightest one among the sea of stars. Its radiance shone with a faded tint. However, there was something odd about its intensity. It should have been a very bright star, but a layer of dust had unfortunately masked its radiance. Apparently, he could tell from the star that the person was trying to conceal his true power. Its location in the sky was especially dark and gloomy.

If his assumption was correct, the star represented the manipulator behind the scene. The star was still on the chart, meaning that he was still alive. He might still be working on some other evil plans.

What would be his next move?

The man had suffered a great loss because of him, so he would not be the target for the time being. Assumedly, the man's next target would be one of the heaven's gift disciples. Who would h