The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 914

Chapter 914: Predestined Marriage

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Gu Xijiu could not really tell why she was especially drawn to the star. She could somehow feel the energy coming from the flickering star. There was a sense of warmth in her heart when she looked at it.

"The star is so dull and small," said Gu Xijiu in a sympathetic tone, "It is not even as bright as the stars around it."

Di Fuyi leaned his head on her and looked at the star together. He then said to her profoundly, "Every star has its time to shine."

"The intensity of the star's brightness is almost the same throughout the year, isn't it? It will shine brightly, occasionally. A small star, however, will never turn into a big star." Gu Xijiu continued to tell him what she knew about stars.

She turned to look at the biggest star, "The star is so dazzling! I wish the little star could be half as luminous as it."

If the little, inconspicuous star really represented her, she hoped that it could be alongside the big one so both of the stars could overlook the world toge