The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 915

Chapter 915: Predestined Marriage 2

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Gu Xijiu was very satisfied with being able to take liberties with him in a flirtatious manner. He had always been very superior. It was believed that he had never been overtaken from above by anybody else.

Haha, she was above him this very moment.

If she were a boy, then she would be the one taking total control of the situation and he would be the one who would be completely dominated by her.

It was a shame that he was too tall for her. She was much more petite and dainty as compared to his size. She was not intimidating to him at all, even though she was sitting right above him.

She half laid her body down on him. She supported herself with one arm and slowly caressed his face with another hand. Gently, she traced the shape of his eyebrows with her fingertip. She touched his nose softly with her thumb. With her palm, she softly brushed through his lengthy eyelashes. The man had undoubtedly beautiful features. She did not have the chance to look at his face properly b