The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 917

Chapter 917: Predestined Marriage 4

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She had not realized that her clothes had been unbuttoned. The breeze brushed softly against her bare skin, but it was immediately replaced by his eager kisses. When he planted his lips somewhere below her collarbones, her body was completely frozen. Some senses returned and she tried to push him away, "No I I am too young"

Her voice was hoarse, accompanied with a sense of longing. She did not seem to forcibly reject him. Instead, she seemed to be welcoming him with a slight reluctance.

Perhaps, deep down, she could not even tell if she wanted to tell him to stop or to continue.

Later on, she could somehow feel an ache in her lower abdomen. Then, a flow of warm liquid escaped from the unnamed part of her lower body.

He seemed to have sensed it as well. He touched her pants and saw the blood stains on his fingers. He stopped what he was doing and asked, "Your first occurrence of menstruation?"

Gu Xijiu was beyond embarrassed. All her anticipations disappeared com