The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Why Are You Here? Are You Practicing?

If the princess possessed such unfathomable talent, she would not have let Gu Xijiu tie her up so easily.

"Perhaps we have mistaken her for someone else as she has a lousy physique." After a long pause, Gu Xijiu finally came to a conclusion.

"Master, in this world, the majority of the ordinary people have at least some 'spirit' power... Thus, it is rare to see talented geniuses with poor physiques like you"

Gu Xijiu had nothing to add. It was only now that she realized that she was such a rare species in this world. It was already late at night. Thus, Gu Xijiu did not want to stay too long at this place. She cleaned up and planned to head back home. She only needed to teleport to get back to her bedroom. But...

"Xixi, why are you here? Are you practicing?" Suddenly, a voice could be heard from nearby.

The voice was soft; however, it was crystal clear on such a quiet night. This voice came from Rong Chu. Something brought him outside this abandoned palace.

"It is a rare full moon night. I am here to absorb some essence from the moon." Gu Xijiu could tell that this was the voice of the Tianwen saint. Gu Xixi was as cold as usual, but her answer was quite appropriate.

Both of them chit-chatted for awhile before Gu Xixi asked, "Do you have any news about Mr. Ren?"

"Not yet. I will assign more people to look for him so that I can obtain the Illusion Weed for you."

"Perhaps he has left the city." Gu Xixi sighed.

"It is not possible because when I realized that he was missing, I already ordered my men to lock all the gates. All the gatekeepers are my men. They have very sharp eyes that even if he were dressed as a woman, they would be able to recognize him."

"Maybe that guy has his own way of escaping the city. The other guy who brought trouble to you is not found as well. Perhaps they are partners."

Rong Chu sounded frustrated and replied fiercely, "They would not be able to escape from me! I will give an order tomorrow to the whole country to catch them. I will bring you good news!"

"Fourth Prince you are too serious. I have no interest in that young man. I just want to look for Mr. Ren to request for that Illusion Weed. It is something that my master was trying to obtain for many years so I cannot let it go so easily. I have sent a letter to my master, so I believe that he will be coming soon."

Rong Chu was excited, "So, I will be able to meet Overlord Long soon?"

"My master does not like crowded places. I suspect he will only come to look for the Illusion Weed. Hence, he might not even enter the city."

It seemed like they had a lot to talk about tonight. They had been whispering to each other for such a long time. When Gu Xijiu heard them approaching, she quickly packed her things and erased all her trace at this place.

The Firmament Stone Bracelet wondered why and asked, "Are you trying to escape? I doubt they will enter into this place. Besides, we have been talking through our minds so I don't think they can hear anything. They would not be suspicious about this place"

Gu Xijiu ignored the bracelet. It became evident that she had been doing this kind of thing in the past. In just a moment, everything was restored to its original state and condition. Even the Frozen Jade Bed had been covered with dust again.

"Where is this place? The atmosphere here seems a bit strange!" Gu Xixi's voice came from outside the door.

"This place is used to punish disobedient servants. It is very shabby..."

"Hmm... there seems to be a strong force or aura inside."

She pushed the door heavily, and a loud "bang" sound was heard.