The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 921

Chapter 921: She Was Still Having Menstruation...

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In fact, this place was very hidden. No one would come and no one could enter without his permission.

Therefore, Di Fuyi did not worry about her being in danger. He got up and frowned in shock as he tried to navigate her location.

She was just outside the garden!

He walked out to take a look and realized she was sitting on the bench. In fact, she was leaning on the wall as she had fallen asleep. Her long lashes looked like a fan as her eyes were closed.

After all, she was only 15 years old. She was still considered young and needed more sleep at this age. Also, it was already nightfall - the night time she supposed to sleep, hence, he was not surprised if she was tired or sleepy.

But why did she not sleep in the warm jade deck chair?

The stone bench was very cold!

She was still menstruating...

He carried her and she immediately opened her eyes. She placed her arms around his neck as she realized it was him. She whispered, "Have you finished meditating?"