The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 925

Chapter 925: Are You Hurt?

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Jin Yunhao was 15 years old and was still only a teenager at that time. Initially, his spiritual power was only at level six past six, but he had been able to strengthen it to level two past seven when he first entered Tianju Hall. The other two who showed up were a boy and a girl who were below 15 years old.

There were more males than females in Tianju Hall. Hence, the females were given some form of special protection by everyone. However, none of the boys had any desire to protect the newbie as she was arrogant and her laughter could shake the ground. She was as strong as men, and she could have easily punched someone to death.

The girl was a practitioner of Fire spiritual power. Her power was at level eight past six when she first entered Tianju Hall. She possessed a name that had a meaning, which was entirely the opposite of her characteristics- Zhang Chuchu

Meanwhile, the latest teenager who had arrived six months ago had received the most attention. He was very charming