The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 926

Chapter 926: Let Gu Xijiu Be The Boss

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The students were those who favored the civil solution of violence at any sign of discord; so when they saw Ying Yannuo was that good at fighting, those who thought themselves to be quite something could hardly hold themselves back from declaring a challenge

Of course, they were not that shameless to wear him down by a series of consecutive battles of attrition; so there were only two challengers every day.

Therefore, the martial arts field always showed a variety of people-throwing performances. After a month, everyone was thrown entirely into the acknowledgment of his strength!

As Gu Xijiu had already covertly become the boss of Ziyun primary class and succeeded in defeating every class unrivaled at that time, every student was keen to egg on her to battle with Ying Yannuo as well to see what would the confrontation between two great powers yield.

Gu Xijiu initially disagreed with their proposals; she did not want to bully a child. Ying Yannuo was only 15 years old when he