The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 927

Chapter 927: The Snow Had Just Turned Clear; The Moon Had Just Risen

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Little Fox had direly needed a companion to coordinate with her; the presence of Ying Yannuo was thereby like a timely rain in a drought. After making some slight adaptations to the battle group, he was soon able to keep up with Gu Xijius footsteps. The coordination between the three was nearly sublime, defeating and beating the crap out of every other group...

Gu Xijiu felt relievedno longer was Little Fox wallowing in languidness and low spirits.

There had just been a big snowfall.

The snow had just turned clear; the moon had just risen.

Gu Xijiu softly pushed the gate open and walked into the courtyard.

This is where Di Fuyi had used to live. After he left the place had been closed since, with no one but Gu Xijiu ever entering it again.

Di Fuyi had an eccentric personality and did not allow people to walk into his place freely. Therefore, Gu Canmo had not sent his disciples for housekeeping and domestic duties after Di Fuyi had left.

On the contrary,