The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 928

Chapter 928: Youve Heard Quite a Lot

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"Di Fuyi, how could you just leave after picking up a girl! Theres no way you would be like what Headmaster Gu had said, a heart thief who lets go of his prey after they have gone stale for his taste... and leave me alone here weeping through the seasons..."

The liquor had seeped into her melancholy. She had drunk too much unknowingly and could not restrain herself from kicking the trunk of the tree, scattering down the snow stacked on the branches.

Someone sneezed under the tree. Gu Xijiu looked down and saw a young man clothed in light purple who was as exquisite as a jade tree. He looked at her straight in the face, "No wonder I couldn't find you anywhere. You've come here to drink your sorrows away."

It was Ying Yannuo, her latest partner.

He raised himself up and landed on the branch next to Gu Xijiu without striking a posture of any kind, sitting face to face with her.

Ying Yannuo carried a natural fragrance with him, a quiet and cold redolence that was similar t