The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 929

Chapter 929: I Am Drunk And I Want To Sleep

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Therefore Gu Xijiu also drank a lot.

Both of them were sitting on the tree drinking happily. It did not take long before Gu Xijiu was drunk and she carelessly fell from the tree!

"Poooof!" She thought that she had fallen into the snow, but in fact, she had sunk into someone's arms.

There was light aroma lingering around her nose. The drunken Gu Xijiu seemed to have caught a familiar scent. She opened her eyes slightly and saw something purple in front of her. Gu Xijiu's heartbeat was fast as she blurted out a name, "Di Fuyi!"

The hands that were holding her stiffen as a calm and cheerful voice sounded in her ear, "Do I look like him?"

Gu Xijiu desperately tried to get herself to focus as she wanted to see the face of the person who was hugging her. However, she had drunk too much earlier, and her vision was blurry. Hence, she saw as if there were two or three faces in front of her.

She reached out her little hand as if she wanted to stop the faces in front of her fro