The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 933

Chapter 933: Do Not Kill Me To Put Me Into Silence

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Nevertheless, due to the limitations in her ingredients, the results of the blood test that she had carried out was not very accurate. She could not verify many of the blood indicators. However, she was still able to determine whether there was any particular drug in the blood sample.

While she was busy, Ying Yannuo came into the room quietly. He glanced at the bottles and containers which contain chemical names that he did not understand, and then silently shifted his attention to observe the test that was being carried out by Gu Xijiu.

After a moment, Gu Xijiu finally stopped moving. She looked at the test tubes and frowned slightly. Ying Yannuo also glanced curiously at the test tube and asked, "What did you find?"

Gu Xijiu breathed gently, "His blood does seem to contain some drug residues."

"What type of drug residues?" Ying Yannuo asked as he could not see anything.

Gu Xijiu rubbed her brow, "A certain type of chemical Well, you won't understand. In layman term,