The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 934

Chapter 934: In Fact, It Does Not Need To Be So Troublesome

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According to the rules of the continent, all clans are not to be involved in the conventional wars between kingdoms. This was probably the reason why the war had lasted for so long, and there had been countless casualties as of today...

If the war continued, all the people in the three kingdoms would be significantly affected, and the continent might need to be reshuffled

It was told that the overlords of the three clans, Tianju Hall, and some other smaller clans had asked for advice from The Lord, and had even thought about inviting him personally to settle the war.

However, when Gu Canmo was finally able to contact the Messenger Jiangshan and delivered everyone's message, he replied two weeks later and said, "Let it be."

Gu Canmo was angry with his reply!

Everyone understood that it was normal for the continent to be reshuffled. However, they had been living peacefully for so long and was used to it. Now when the war had started, they could hardly stand witnessing the