The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 936

Chapter 936: Serious Phobia

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Fortunately, even though this kid was strange, he was a great partner and helped Gu Xijiu a lot.

Oddly enough, Gu Xijiu often saw the shadow of Di Fuyi attached to him which made her speechless. She decided to diagnose herself as "Miss Him Until I Have Gone Crazy Syndrome." As she had diagnosed herself with such a syndrome, it was unwise for her to make any judgment, so she did not bother much about her feelings anymore.

For him to be enrolled into Tianju Hall, he had to come from a family background which was prestigious. Ying Yannuo was the son of the Prime Minister of Zhaoyang Kingdom. He was recommended by Qian Yueran, Hua Wuyan, Celestial Master You and Long Siye. How would Di Fuyi cheat someone with such a prominent family background?

Moreover, she had asked the big mussel to sniff the smell of Ying Yannuo before secretly. The big mussel told her that there was no similarity between both of persons' scent.

Gu Xijiu felt that she had overthought!

She was cleaning her