The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 937

Chapter 937: I Can Live Without You!

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Since Gu Xijiu had returned to the Feixing Kingdom, she told herself that she was not going to give up and decided to verify if the rumors were true by herself.

She understood Di Fuyi's habits. If he had returned to Fucang Hall, the door would be opened. When he was not around, the door would be closed

Though she knew that she would be disappointed, she insisted on going in to take a look. She teleported directly into Fucang Hall. Everything in Fucang Hall was still the same. The maids working inside were also the same. Everyone was performing their tasks quietly. Some of them were cleaning the courtyard, while others were wiping the railings and so on. Gu Xijiu recognized quite a few familiar faces

Fortunately, her abilities had grown stronger, and she was also good at camouflaging. Couple that with her teleportation, and no one noticed her in Fucang Hall.

Gu Xijiu also overheard some of their conversations and knew that Di Fuyi had not been back for at least one and a h