The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 939

Chapter 939: Dont Be Suspicious Anymore!

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He wore a wrist guard on his wrist all year long, which was changed from time to time. This time he was wearing a black wrist guard, and Gu Xijiu decided to take it off to have a look.

His wrist was as smooth as jade but he was not wearing a bracelet.

After a moment, Gu Xijiu withdrew her hand and smiled, "It seems like I have been overthinking of things." Then she stood up and went back into the carriage.

Mu Dian was speechless, and he could feel that Miss Gu was somewhat disappointed. After what had happened, she did not talk to him anymore.

In fact, she blamed herself for being so suspicious. Apparently, this kid had a dual personality, but she kept suspecting that he was Di Fuyi.

If he was Di Fuyi, he should have been wearing their marriage bracelet on his wrist as the bracelet could not be removed easily. However, she had just looked at his wrist and could see that he was not wearing a bracelet!

Gu Xijiu, you should stop this nonsense! Stop being so suspicious!