The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 94

Chapter 94: A Gay Couple

As Gu Xijiu listened to the details, her face changed.

It was complicated to change her lousy physique. In normal terms, it was as difficult as touching the moon in the sky.

First, she required some precious herbs - an Illusion Weed that was at least 2,000 years old, a dragon horn that was at least 1,000 years old, a spiritual fruit that was 3,000 years old, and a spiritual turtle shell that was 10,000 years old

All these materials were priceless treasures. The existence of either one would have caused chaos in this continent.

She had no money, and even if she were a millionaire, she could not afford to buy these things. The material listed above were only the main ingredients... She still needed to get a few more herbs to complete the process.

These additional few herbs were also rare ingredients. Although they could be bought from the auction house, it required millions of dollars to get the complete set. It was all money! Her priority was to earn more money!

She had to think of a good way of making more money.


The next few days were very peaceful for Gu Xijiu. After being expelled a few times, her sisters never came to disturb her anymore.

Gu Xijiu had gone out for a few times. She would change her appearance every time she went out so that no one would ever notice her even when she walked on the street.

Though it was peaceful, Gu Xijiu was certainly busy over the two days. She found a few ways to make more money. For example, being an assassin. There were always some 'wanted' notices hung at the city hall that offered an excellent reward to those who manage to catch their thief. The rewards ranged from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars.

Gu Xijiu even found her image (when she was dressed as a young man) in one of the notices. It indicated that she and a young man were partners who stole money and precious treasures from the rich. It added that they had also raped and murdered a young lady from a government servant's family. The reward was the highest 1,000,000 dollars.

Gu Xijiu shook her head when she read the notice. She knew that someone was framing the Fourth Prince to get revenge from the auction house. Of course, the main purpose was to get the Illusion Weed from her

According to the wanted notice, she and the young man were like a gay couple who did everything together and could not leave each other apart.

It was only Gu Xijiu who knew the truth. She did not even know where he was now.

Although she was not fooled by the young man when he sold the Illusion Weed to her, he successfully put her in the same boat with him on the 'wanted' notice.

Gu Xjiu stood in front of her image for a long time. This gave her the opportunity to hear what others had to say about the 'wanted' notices. As she was also on the list, she doubted the guiltiness of the other 'wanted' people as well. She suspected that some of them might have been wrongly accused too.

After that, she lost interest in this method as a way to raise money and went to look for other avenues.

Soon after, she found a quick path to make money! Her best bet was to be a herb collector in the mountains and wild forests. In this world, it was extremely dangerous to be in the forest. There were many ferocious beasts and widespread malaria. A herb collector would need talent and at least be at level three to fully equip them to go into the forest. Even so, some of them died during the collection process.

A rare herb could only be sold at a high price because collecting it was an extremely dangerously process. Some of these herbs cost more than the expensive ones in the market.