The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 943

Chapter 943: There Was No Way Out

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The continuous sound of broken necks could be heard throughout the fight. All of their surrounding zombies laid flat on the ground with their necks broken.

In the distance, there were sounds of people fighting in one of the houses. Occasionally, they could see flashing lights flickering vividly in the storm, like flashes of lightning across the night sky. Apparently, the remaining monsters had fled.

"Come on, let's go and save them!" Gu Xijiu took Mu Dian by his hand and teleported towards the direction of the sound.

The sky was filled with thick floating clouds. The storm continued to blow rapidly. Qian Lingyu was with Le Zixing and Le Qingxing, as they were assigned to investigate the cases of missing bodies in the war on behalf of the Haoyue Kingdom. All three of them headed to the main military camp, where Qian Lingyu met with his uncle who was also fighting the war.

According to his uncle, the actual number casualties in the war was 17,820, but in the report, it had b