The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 944

Chapter 944: It Was The Moment Of Desperate Straits

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When Qian Lingyu finally reunited with Yan Chen, only one of out of the six soldiers were still alive. He died shortly after, as one of the zombies had caught him while they were fleeing.

Qian Lingyu was injured too. His arm had been torn away, and the zombies had wounded him. His leg was also broken. All this time, Yan Chen had to carry him on his back just so that the zombies would not catch him.

Yan Chen was the strongest and the eldest among them, so they always looked up to him for directions. However, at this very moment, even he was feeling a little despair.

While they were fleeing for their lives, they had tried many different ways to break the formation, but the town was still standing firmly in place. There was no way they could leave the area.

They had even tried to release fireworks into the sky, in the hope that they could signal the others about their current location. The fireworks managed to fly into the sky, but was somehow blocked by a barrier at a certain