The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 951

Chapter 951: Go After The Culprit

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"Yan Chen, minimize your battlefield and save your energy! I'll take a look around!" Gu Xijiu ordered.

Yan Chen was shocked, "No way! It's too dangerous for you to go alone!"

"I'll be fine. I know how to teleport. The white-clothed zombies will not be able to harm me." Gu Xijiu leaped and disappeared.

Yan Chen was speechless.

"I'll go with her!" Ying Yannuo said and disappeared instantly.

Yan Chen was yet again speechless.

How did Ying Yannuo disappear in such a short time? Did he know how to teleport as well? Impossible! He remembered Gu Xijiu mentioning that it was an extraordinary ability which could not be easily acquired.

Unless... he had practiced the Flying Wind Magic to level eight.

Ying Yannuo only possessed a spiritual power of level 6.3 while Yan Chen was recognized as a genius among the elites in Tianju Hall before Gu Xijiu arrived and took away that title from him.

Anyhow, he used to feel that there was be something strange about his junior dis