The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 954

Chapter 954: Did She Just Leave Like This?!

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However, she would eventually find this place if he did not catch her. If it comes to that, then it would become a big problem. The base was critical to their cause, and he did not want it to be so easily destroyed...

His gaze returned to Gu Xijiu who was on the screen. She had searched ten different houses and would soon discover their mansion.

She was a very detail-oriented person, so she would most likely find the underground palace if she reached here...

Elder Long clenched his fists, and his gaze turned ruthless. He ordered the green-robed man, "Release an immortal king immediately if she manages to find our mansion!"

The green-robed man's eyes were sparkling, "Aren't you afraid that the immortal king would hurt her?"

Elder Long coughed and casually said, "I have a plan."

The young boy was very protective of her, so he would fight with the immortal king once it was released. Based on Elder Long's speculation, both of them would be injured badly, and that would be