The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 955

Chapter 955: I Can Destroy Them Altogether!

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The green-robed man frowned, "So what now?"

Elder Long looked chilled, "Stop releasing the immortal puppets and wait!"

"What are we waiting for?"

Elder Long said coldly, "They can't escape from here. In due time, they would run out of energy due to a shortage of food and water. We'll catch all of them then!"

These kids had not acquired the Grain Dispel Magic, so they still needed to eat and drink to sustain their life. Furthermore, they did not bring a lot of dried food with them. Hence, they would run out of food and water in probably another three days. Coupled with the exhaustion from being trapped in here for ten days without food, the fate of their lives would soon fall into our hands.

His gaze went back to Gu Xijiu who reappeared at the square. She had finally gathered with her buddies, as well as Ying Yannuo.

All of her buddies seemed relieved that she had returned. Yan Chen asked her if she found anything, but Gu Xijiu shook her head, "The snowstorm is very stro