The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 956

Chapter 956: Escaped

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It was not easy to kill all of the kids in such a short time, but it would also be a problem for them if these kids continued staying here.

Especially the young boy who was always following Gu Xijiu everywhere. He did not seem to be a weak kid, and he may put up a fight if he ever found their base. If it ever came to that, both parties would suffer severe damage as he would not be able to release the Immortal King to assist them... The best solution was not to pursue these kids at the moment.

Fortunately, none of the kids had discovered their true objectives yet, so he should just let them kill all the white-clothed zombies and leave the place...

He could even destroy all the buildings outside and cause it to turn back into a land of snow if necessary so that the kids would think they were hallucinating again and eventually stop investigating.

Even if they suspected something and reported it to Tianju Hall, it would take a few days for them to guide the investigation team o