The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 957

Chapter 957: Escaping Was Always Their Top Priority!

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They acknowledged her as their leader. Hence, they quickly followed her. Everyone seemed relieved ever since the formation was broken, but only Gu Xijiu was secretly still worried.

While she was scouting earlier, she not only found the CCTV but also noticed that it was an ancient and evil formation! The negative energy was powerful in the formation, and the snowstorm was unnatural. It was made using countless amounts of hatred and evil auras from dead souls. Hence, the snowflakes and the storms were engulfed by a massive amount of evil energy.

Besides that, the wizard barrier above the formation had prevented the evil energy from leaving the place. Gu Xijiu always had very good instincts, and she realized that someone was watching them when she was scouting the mansions!

It was as though a pair of evil eyes were watching every single one of her movements and it made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

And then she caught the scent of something incredibly evil. Although it had n