The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 959

Chapter 959: Was It A Natural Catastrophe?

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After flying for a few minutes, they arrived on top of a very high cliff. Finally, they could take a break and turned back to witness the aftermaths of the earthquake.

The location where they were standing on was a good spot to see everything below them. They could easily see that the abandoned town was buried under the snow and the entire ground looked as though a sea of snow was splashing continuously.

They could hear multiple soft roars coming from underground and saw a ray of evil energy flash before their eyes. I was as though a monster had just awoken from its hibernation...

Sh*t! The ferocious monster must have been disturbed! Gu Xijiu clenched her fists.

Strangely, where did the flash come from!? While she was pondering, Lan Waihu suddenly screamed, "Look at the clouds!"

Everyone was stunned as they looked up to the sky!

A silver dragon was flying among the clouds above the sky, and a young lady was wearing a royal costume and was riding on the back of the dra