The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 961

Chapter 961: My Chest Hurts

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The giant was shocked and mad as it was probably the first time he was threatened by someone. He simply wanted to launch a counter-attack as he was extremely mad. However, as he was about to take his action, he discovered that his wrists had been tied with something...

Suddenly, the Heaven Halberd fell from his hand!

The golden giant was shocked and did not know how to respond.

He turned around and saw a boy who was sitting on the head of his vehicle. The boy was wearing a light blue costume. His features were very handsome, and he had a beautiful body figure. The boy was holding his Heaven Halberd as he smiled happily, "Biggie, it's not healthy to throw a tantrum often you know."

He flicked his fingertip at the Heaven Halberd, "Do you always use this to hurt kids?"

His fingertips were as fair as jade and seemed somewhat fragile. Surprisingly, the Heaven Halberd almost broke into two after he had flicked it gently.

The giant's expression immediately changed!

The Heaven