The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 962

Chapter 962: It Would Be Harmless To Try It Occasionally

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She looked at his jade fingers that were pointed at her, "So can we have physical contact now?"

Ying Yannuo did not withdraw his hand but looked at her pitifully, "This is a critical moment, so I feel that it would be no harm to try it occasionally."

Gu Xijiu pretended to be rude and turned around, "I feel that this is not a critical moment."

This person's secondary personality had returned to control the situation, and he liked to act cute. Gu Xijiu was used to his habits. Hence, she did not care much about him.

She had no time to fool around with Ying Yannuo at this moment. She opened the curtains and looked out from the cabin. She shockingly realized that it was the same carriage she had used when she first arrived here and the lion was also the same Flying Lion.

Ying Yannuo seemed to have been well prepared as he got the lion to quietly hide in the clouds when she had jumped off from the carriage...

Otherwise, it would not have been able to save them earlier.