The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 963

Chapter 963: What An Eye-Catching Scene!

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The cabin of the carriage was very spacious. However, it felt small when there were eight of them squeezing inside together. All of their bodies were sticking to each other. The worse thing was that the carriage was overloaded. The Flying Lion tried very hard to move the carriage which caused it to vigorously shake as though it was going to fall from the sky anytime soon.

Apparently, Yan Chen and his buddies had not expected so many zombies to rush out altogether. They were all frightened and pale as they looked at the zombies that were scattered all over the valley.

The zombies had surrounded the entire cliff and valley as they began to move aimlessly everywhere since they had lost their target.

Everyone was scared as each zombie was extremely ferocious and possessed very good Kung Fu! Furthermore, there was an area with a dense population somewhere about 50 to 60 kilometers away. It would only take the zombies less than an hour to arrive at the area based on their speed!