The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 964

Chapter 964: He Did Not Want Them To Look Down On Him

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"Xijiu, please stay here with the rest of the girls. I'll lure the zombies away as we can't afford to let them hurt the residents in the city!"

Ying Yannuo whispered into her ear before he hugged her, "Take good care!"

He then retreated and said, "Follow me if you're a man! Let's bring them towards the northeast direction where there is a huge black swamp Let's move! I've released a firecracker as a signal to ask for assistance, so our backup should be here soon. When they have arrived, let's kill all of the zombies together! Yan Chen, could you handle those zombies in the northwest region? Le Qingxing, you handle those in the northeast region. I'll handle those in the southwest region...

All of them leaped out from the cabin and headed in their designated direction. In the blink of an eye, the zombies had caught the scent of living humans above their head, and they all wanted to grab Ying Yannuo and his friends. However, Ying Yannuo moved as fast as lightning, and only the tip