The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 967

Chapter 967: The Fairy 1

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Ying Yannuo suddenly grabbed her and tossed her towards the big tree which was far away, "Hide yourself!"

Gu Xijiu helplessly flew towards the big tree. When she turned around and looked back, she realized that he was using his Flying Wind Magic to levitate in midair. She had no idea what kind of spell he was using, but a blood chain formed around his fingertips and surrounded him. Eventually, a blood membrane formed around him and the air was overwhelmed by the smell of blood and herbs.

The white-clothed zombies who were about to flee began turning around to face them. Countless pair of eyes were staring straight at Ying Yannuo who was hanging in midair. All of them had the expression as though they were drug addicts who had just seen a stack of drugs. They started drooling, and their eyes turned blood red as they rushed towards Ying Yannuo!

Ying Yannuo flew towards the swamp as the white-clothed zombies frantically chased after him... Countless zombies started to