The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 969

Chapter 969: The Fairy 3

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The dreadful monsters that were pursuing the group on the snowfields at that moment had emerged from the abyss. There were two monsters, each of which possessed a bizarre shape and unparalleled monstrosity in size.

One looked similar to a dragon but was in actuality a Chinese alligator which had a stature that was as imposing as a dinosaur's. The squamous and dense objects layered on its body were not scales, but the hands of humans.

The other looked similar to a Phoenix, but was again not actually a phoenix and was rather akin to a pattern made by the amalgamation of the random parts of the human body.

These two entities possessed extremely imposing figures and extraordinary combat prowess; in agape of the jaws, an ink-black decomposing odor capable of melting everything would be released; in a sweep of a tail, even mountains would fall!

These two creatures had emerged from the abyss after the zombie crowd was attracted away; once they have surfaced it was the beginnin