The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Ugly People Like Acting

All his daughters were in the living hall except for Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xietian frowned and looked at Leng Xiangyu before he asked, "Did you notify Xijiu?"

Leng Xiangyu cursed inside her heart. In the past, when her son came back that ugly girl would come on her own but not this time. She smiled awkwardly and sent her servant to go and invite Gu Xijiu before she explained, "Xijiu has always been close to Tianchao, so whenever he is back she will come out and welcome him. I don't know why she did not come out this time. I have been occupied all day making preparations and forgot about her"

Gu Xietian nodded while watching his son, "Tianchao, have you prepared a present for Xijiu?"

Gu Tianchao never expected that his father would ask about this matter. He was slightly stunned but immediately smiled and said, "Of course! When Xijiu comes, I will give it to her personally."

Gu Xietian's smile indicated that he was satisfied with this answer.

Gu Tianchao looked calm, but inside his heart, he felt strange. His father had never cared about this ugly girl. What was wrong with him? Why did he suddenly pay attention to her?

The servant who was sent to invite Gu Xijiu came back in a short time and reported, "General, Madam, she claimed that she is not feeling well, so she is not coming."

Gu Xietian frowned and asked, "Not feeling well? What happened to her?" He stood up and walked outside. While he was walking, he ordered someone to go and ask for a doctor.

He walked very quickly and left the rest of his family in the living hall stunned.

Gu Tianyi could not stand it and said, "As the old saying goes... ugly people like acting. Let's see what issue she will create this time. She thinks that she is the first precious daughter."

Gu Tianchao was curious and asked, "Tianyi, what happened when I was away?"

Gu Tianyi was a talkative person, so she immediately brought her brother up to speed with recent events revolving around Gu Xijiu. The other sisters also contributed to the story.

Gu Tiancao listened quietly and looked at Gu Tianqing. Her eyes were lowered which made her look innocent. He then looked at his mother, Leng Xiangyu. Her well-maintained face was a bit pale and in her eyes he saw some anger and frustration.

He stood up abruptly and said, "It has been a long time since I last saw Sister Xijiu. Since she is not feeling well, let me go and visit her."

He wanted to see what had happened to that ugly girl who suddenly got so much attention from everyone. He felt that this ugly girl did not deserve to have any attention given to her. As he walked away, others in the room also followed him to see what would happen next.


When all of them reached Gu Xijiu's courtyard, they immediately caught sight of her sitting on the swing while Gu Xietian, who rushed over here, was standing beside the swing and pushing her. When the swing went too high, he would nervously say, "Slower, please. Don't swing too high. You'll have a headache. Please be careful and don't fall."

Gu Tianqing's facial expression changed. Her fists were clenched tightly this time. Even though she was her father's favorite daughter, she never received her father's help when she played on the swing. Her father, the general, would not bother to play with such child-related items yet he seemed to be enjoying his time with Gu Xijiu.

She and her other sisters felt bitterness in their hearts. All of them did not look happy.