The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 970

Chapter 970: The Fairy 4

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The monsters were incapable of recognizing faces and attacked without discrimination or mercy.

Therefore, when the woman and her servant surged past the lion chariot and soared straight into the skies, the lion chariot became the attack target of the two creatures.

The two creatures were entities of extreme misfortune; any ordinary animal that saw them would be scared shitless and would be paralyzed by fear, let alone run away.

Even the dragon rode by the woman in the combat just now was so anxious that all of its scales stood on their ends! It was wholly petrified and would have fallen in fear were it not well-trained.

However, the Flying Lion pulling Qian Lingyu and his group in the escape was able to summon extraordinary courage at such a perilous momentnot only did it not cower and fall in fear, but it also pulled the chariot in all sorts of fancy patterns as well!

For a while, it flew in the shape of zig-zag, in another the shape of an "8", and another in the s