The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 973

Chapter 973: No Way! She Must Take A Look!

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Yan Chen suddenly had an evil idea and smiled slyly, "Perhaps, that was just a title she had designed for herself. However, she is undoubtedly someone evil and doesn't seem to care for those of us who come from the human realm!

Gu Xijiu looked at the people who were fighting further away and smiled, "Since she doesn't care about us, we shouldn't do her any favors as well. She was the one who released the monsters. It only made sense for them to chase after her. Let's now witness her true capabilities and hope she doesn't embarrass the title of 'fairy'."

All of them sat in a circle and enjoyed their food as they watched the battle. They were so happy when they saw the young lady being chased by the two monsters and almost applauded. They were combat experts, and it was easy for them to determine the situation of the battle.

"Her Kung Fu is pretty good, and I think her spiritual power is probably higher than Overlord Long and the others. Perhaps, she had already achieved level t