The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 975

Chapter 975: He Would Be Teased Till His Next Life!

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Although he liked role-playing, he had never changed his actual appearance before. Most of the time he only used his spiritual power to transform his physical looks. It was the first time Ying Yannuo's entire body had become tiny, and so he was speechless.

When people felt sick, they could see a doctor. However, he could not tell anyone about this problem other than the four messengers. Due to his identity, he just could not let other people know that he had lost most of his spiritual power. Otherwise, it would bring chaos to this world! The culprit behind it would also immediately set off a reign of terror, and all of his plans would be wasted

He could not take that risk as the matter was serious. Therefore he planned to heal himself. Who else in this world could be more knowledgeable than himself from a medical aspect? He would be risking himself if he exposed his sickness.

He thought that this phenomenon would not have lasted long and he would have recovered in a month