The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 977

Chapter 977: He Was So Touched!

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His master hated people who were late the most! He did not know how his master was going to punish him this time. He was worried! He did not want to go back to the Fantian Palace with plenty of Rakshasa woman.

"My Lord, I know I have made a big mistake. After the mission is complete, I am willing to go to the Fire Palace to receive my punishment"

The Fire Palace was a place which was entirely engulfed in fire. It was hell to people like him who practiced water element spiritual power.

Di Fuyi looked at him, "Fire Palace Well, I think that it would be too severe a punishment if I were to send you there."

Mu Yun quickly said, "No, it is not! I almost delayed your mission, so I deserve to be sent there." Although the fire in the Fire Palace was so intense that it could melt an entire person's body, he had the wizardry barrier to protect him from injury. As long as he could protect himself with it, it was considered as a form of practice to him too.

Di Fuyi sighed, "I am alw