The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 98

Chapter 98: You Have To Be Careful

Gu Tianchao frowned and looked towards the swing. He had a grave look on his face.

The ugly girl that he always looked down on could not have been wearing a red dress right now. As the swing moved back and forth, her stunning red dress and her black hair were gracefully caressed by the wind, creating a beautiful scene.

Before this, Gu Tianchao had only seen her look depressed. Moreover, she only wore dresses that did not fit. Her hair was so messy that it covered half of her face. All these features made her look timid and low standard.

Now, she was a different person. The red dress made her pale skin fair and bright. The birthmark on the forehead was covered by her black fringe. She had a lovely nose and bright eyes. And, as she had just exercised, her cheeks were still pinkish. Her often chapped dry lips now glowed in pink.

She still had the same face but looked like a different person. When Gu Tianchao gazed upon her, he no longer felt that she was ugly. In fact, she was somehow a bit charming.

While Gu Tianchao was stunned by Gu Xijiu's changes, Gu Tianyi could no longer suppress her feelings, "Xijiu, I thought you said you are sick. Why are you still play on a swing?"

Gu Xijiu ignored her but smiled at Gu Xietian and said, "Father, please push harder. I want to swing higher."

Gu Xietian was happy. It was the first time she called him father in recent days. He had waited for it for a long time.

He pushed harder this time but did not forget to say, "You have to be careful."

The crowd remained silent.

Gu Tianyi was embarrassed.

The other ladies were looking at each other too. Although Gu Tianqing had been good at hiding her feelings, her face was a bit pale. Her tightly shut lips revealed her dissatisfaction.

Gu Tianchao had an evil idea in his mind. He took a few steps forward and smiled before saying, "Xijiu, brother is back, and you never came out to welcome me. Instead, you are still playing on your swing. Come down and let me see if you have grown taller."

He reached out and grabbed the rope of the swing to force the swing to come to a stop. He acted too swiftly that Gu Xietian did not have enough time to stop him.

Gu Tianchao stopped the swing when it was at its highest point. The strong momentum made Gu Xijiu suddenly fall to the ground.

"Be careful!" Gu Xietian's facial expression changed as he screamed in caution. He did not manage to catch her but witnessed her petite body crash into the ground. This was exactly what Gu Tianchao wanted to see. He just wanted her to fall and make a fool of herself. It would be best if she could break her leg or something.

He pretended to be concerned and quickly approached his ugly sister, "Xijiu" He intended to act at first, but when he saw the direction that Gu Xijiu was heading to his voice became serious, "Be careful!"



Gu Xijiu had crashed into Leng Xiangyu who stood somewhere in front of her.

Leng Xiangyu was not skilled in defending herself as she had been pampered for so long that she had forgotten everything she learned. When she was hit by Gu Xijiu in her chest, she screamed and was forced back by the sheer momentum of the crash. She fell in an awkward position, and her head knocked the hard ground made of green stones. Gu Xijiu also hit the ground hard and was knocked out.

Everyone was stunned.

"Mother!" Finally, Gu Tianchao was sober and ran towards them. He raised his hand and wanted to push Gu Xijiu away. Unexpectedly, before his hand grabbed hold of her, Gu Xijiu continued to roll off Leng Xiangyus body and Gu Tianchao ended up grabbing Leng Xiangyus chest.

As he used too much strength, he tore off a big piece of her shirt and exposed her chest

Everyone was stunned again.