The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 980

Chapter 980: It Is Not Convenient For Him To Meet Her

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He glanced down. He was now on top of a cloud which was five kilometers above the ground. He could only see the explosion and nothing else. Would the girl look for him after the big explosion? She should, right? After all, she had treated Ying Yannuo as her partner.

After she saw the explosion, she would probably come back and look for him. If she could not see him, she would probably think that he had died in the explosion

Di Fuyi sighed softly. He planned to ask Mu Dian to pose himself as Ying Yannuo again so that Gu Xijiu would not feel guilty and sad.

Mu Dian could probably entertain her for a few days first before he came up with an excuse to leave Tianju Hall for good. After some time, she would slowly start to forget about Ying Yannuo, and he would soon be forgotten for good. Before he could give the order, he heard Gu Xijiu calling for him.

His heart beat rapidly!

Gu Xijiu sounded anxious and panicky at the same time, and he could tell that her voice was trembling