The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 985

Chapter 985: Since It Is Urgent, Lets Carry Me First

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Apparently, the blood was corrosive as the stones where the blood had dripped were instantly melted. Gu Xijiu was able to avoid blood from splashing onto her as she had teleported away in the nick of time.

Everyone was stunned!

Even the young lady was shocked when she saw what had happened. She froze for a moment and was almost hit by the beast that was still chasing after her.

The golden armored servant opened its eyes widely and asked, "The impact of the blast was so strong! I wonder what was it she threw in its mouth?"

No one answered him.

The beast was still chasing both of them. They thought that Gu Xijiu would come and help them soon but after a long while, they still could not see her. The golden armored giant looked around and could not find the little girl anymore.

Had she left? Hey! There was still one beast here!


Gu Xijiu was very good at finding her way back to Ying Yannuo.

Apparently, Ying Yannuo had seen her performance. His eyes were full of