The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 988

Chapter 988: I Will Marry You

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Di Fuyi was moved. Could she tell the fragrance of his soul? His soul had a different scent at each stage of his life. His scent would also differ according to the level of his spiritual power, but most people could not easily tell the difference.

He used to disguise himself using different identities. He purposely used his spiritual power to seal up his identities so that other people would not be able to recognize him. However, none of his transformations had ever significantly differed from his true identity. All the scent of his different disguises remained more or less the same.

Fortunately, Gu Xijii's knowledge in metaphysics was not profound. Otherwise, she would have easily recognized him by his scent. The ability to differentiate the scent of a soul was scarce, and the chances that someone was capable of doing so were one in a million. He did not expect her to be one of the talented ones.

Di Fuyi blinked his eyes in response to her speculation, "Do I smell of milk no