The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 989

Chapter 989: Do You Have Someone In Your Mind Already?

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He was a little surprised too. Was God upset with his frequent changes in identity and was thus assigning him the most challenging role to play this time? Or was his punishment for going against the law of nature? Or was his time almost up? He took a moment to check on his body condition and could tell that his spiritual power was slowly recovering.

The blood vessels that were blocked due to the depletion of his spiritual power were finally recovering again, and his circulation was slowly becoming unobstructed.

Ever since he became Ying Yannuo, his spiritual power had been recovering at a surprisingly slow pace. It had only improved by a little in the past six months; even he was a little depressed at the progress.

However, his spiritual power had been recovering better due to his transformation into a child.

His transformation into a younger form did not seem to be a terrible thing. He had the whip in his hand and started to meditate as he leaned back in his