The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 991

Chapter 991: Meet Like An Old Friend

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Di Fuyi slowly surveyed him with an inquisitive look, "If you do not have enough silver, you could mortgage the jade at your waist to pay for the food."

The young man turned completely pale. The jade at his waist was the most valuable possession he owned. It was a family possession that had been handed down for many generations, and it was worth a thousand pieces of gold. He did not expect the child to have such a sharp eye that he was able to recognize the true value of the jade.

Once again, the young man smiled forcefully, "Little man, are you trying to make fun of me? You will not be able to finish so many dishes. The food will only go to waste"

Di Fuyi answered with an adorable smile, "The food will not be wasted as the dishes are not only for the both of us. The dishes are for our ride that is now waiting outside."

The man did not know what to say. His handsome face started to flush with anger, "How can your pet finish all this good food? You are obviou