The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 993

Chapter 993: Didn't You And The Crown Prince Realize What Was Happening?

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The four messengers who were under the Lord's command discovered that the lost bodies and troops had been possessed and were controlled by some evil power, thus creating an army of zombie. Currently, all the major clans were doing everything in their power to find out the source behind it.

Gu Xijiu was moved at the mention of 'The Lord'. He had finally revealed himself.

She asked another question, "The four messengers of the Lord have finally shown up, haven't they?"

Rong Che nodded, "Yes, they have come into contact with all the major clans and are planning to launch a siege. I hope you will not find it too embarrassing that some of the people from my army have encountered the same conditions. You must have heard that one of my troops has some of the most powerful and ever-victorious fighters, right? My brother, the Crown Prince, trained them all by himself. The troop had fought countless wars and hard battles and had finally achieved notable merits for themselves. They even