The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 999

Chapter 999: It Was Him! It Must Be Him!

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Even a tight bracelet could be taken off with that trick! Unless it had been customized never to be taken off. It was out of Gu Xjiu's expectation as she still could not get it off his hand after using the trick. Besides that, it did not feel rough as she thought. Instead, the wrist guard was smooth and warm when she touched it, just like her love bracelet.

Her heart was racing, and her fingers turned cold! It was him! It must be him! No wonder she did not hear anything from him over the last one and a half years. He came to see her using another identity... Ying Yannuo, Ying Nuoyan (keep the promise)...

Damn it! In fact, there was a clue in his name! However, she knew that the Ying family existed, so she did not take it seriously. Coupled with his unpredictable attitude in Tianju Hall, and his dual personality as well as the fact that he had changed his odor, she could not find a way to confirm her suspicion.

He had kept his promise, but she did not realize it. But why the h*