The God Of Cells In League Of Legends Chapter 15

14 Ixtal 02

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Qiyana arrives in the city and does not understand what is happening.

An Old Man Seeing Qiyana Entering the City, Approaches Her Respectfully, and Says

Qiyana Welcome to the City.

(Qiyana): shut up tell me soon!

What is this uproar, I'm sure the shadow islands didn't cause it.

(Elder): Yes ma'am, It was a Young Man who fell from Heaven and survived.
for visiting.

His sisters are vying for him.

(Qiyana): Are you saying that a man fell from the sky ??????

(Elder): He is not an Ordinary man.

At least one ordinary man would not survive the fall of that height.

(Qiyana): Where is this man my sisters are fighting over him ???

(Elder): He was taken to the interrogation room, we are trying to find out his identity.


Inside the palace

In the second bedroom on the third floor.

Princess Mara's room.

Mara is lying in her big bed, reflecting on the recent events, first a great explosion of unknown energy, then a young man falls from the sky right into the center of IXAOCAN.

(Mara): This Man will be mine, I can't let my other sisters catch him.

At that moment a great sadness comes to Mara's heart,

She recalls that she could not defend her village.

She wants him because he's not an ordinary man, Her feminine feeling is telling her

Picking up this young man at whatever cost.

To this day Mara carries a great Guilt, unaware that the culprit of her small town being destroyed was Qiyana.


Inside the palace

In the first bedroom of the third floor.

Princess Flora's room.

Flora is taking a bath in her Crystal bathtub.

She is relaxing because Today is going to be a tiring day.

Too many events behind each other, flora thinks in her mind, that man who fell From the sky, I had never seen a Body like that.

(Flora): This Man has to be mine.

This perfect body drives me crazy.

Flora thinks of Tyler's body with great lust.

I can't let my sisters take him from my hands.


Inside the palace

Third bedroom on the third floor.

Princess Ariela's room.

Ariela is looking at herself in the mirror she is contemplating her beauty, her snow-white hair, her well-tanned skin, her very red and vivid lips, a princess that would make any Man thirsty just looking at her.

She is thinking about, that strange energy that left her Dragon,


Of all her sisters, Ariela is the only one with The Gift of Talking With Magic Animals.

She has a good heart and never had sex.

Since when did she look at that young man who fell from the sky,

She's feeling hot she never felt this way.

She even asked her magic animals what that was.


Inside the interrogation room.


Tyler feels a burning pain in his face.

He opens his eyes with great difficulty.

Tyler finds himself in a strange room, right in front of him a man in a black hood, can't see clearly who that person is.

Tyler feels another pain.

He looks at his hands and realizes that he has great chains sealing his powers.

After that he realizes that his whole body is sore.

As if someone were casting a horrible healing spell.

He notices that some ribs are still broken.

Tyler looks at his feet and realizes that they are also chained.

The chair he's chained to is also sealing off any chunk of energy that might come from Tyler.

(Questioner): WHO ARE YOU ????

(Tyler): who am I ??

Tyler says with great difficulty.

Tyler stops for a few seconds trying to remember

But it feels like there's a void in your mind.


Tyler feels another burning pain in his face.

(Questioner): Answer my question!

Tyler feels angry without knowing why.

Tyler looks at the man in front of him and says.

(Tyler): I ... I ..... I don't know ....

(Questioner): Are you kidding me ????


Tyler gets another slap on his face.

A feeling Of pure anger invades your heart,

Tyler does not know the reason for this anger, but he may feel that when his memories return he will drink the blood of this person in front of him.

Tyler looks at the man in front of him and says with great difficulty.

(Tyler): I ... really ..... I don't know who I am .....

What did I do wrong ???

The man who was interrogating Tyler realizes that for some reason Tyler has lost his memories.

The man accepts that he lost his memories, because he saw the time this boy fell

And still survived.

The man doesn't answer Tyler's question.

He soon makes some signs with his hands and when he finishes making the signals another person enters the room.

Tyler looks at this person and realizes that this person is a woman, a .... beautiful..woman.

The man who was interrogating him lowers his head in respect.

The woman looks at Tyler, and smiles, and at that moment again this woman's body gets hot.

Tyler smiles back at (Ariela).

Just then Tyler feels a horrible pain entering his head.






10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%











10% 30% 40% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%


Tyler feels thousands of images reappearing in his brain.

As if it were always there.


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