The Human Emperor Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084: The Kings Of Cavalry Clash I
Chapter 1084: The Kings of Cavalry Clash! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Only defeating the strong was a feat worthy of honor and glory!

Although the Mamelukes had accepted the decree of the Caliph and mobilized to Khorasan to suppress a peasant revolt, they had taken no interest in it. However, the decree of the sovereign could not be defied. Of course, the greatest hope of Faisal and the Mamelukes was that they would be able to find the remnants of the Sassanid Dynasty's Aswaran Cataphracts. In thoroughly annihilating that strongest cavalry force of the Sassanid Dynasty, they would be able to bring an end to that unfinished battle.

But now, there was an existence just as powerful as the Aswaran Cataphracts before them.

Destroying them would be just as meaningful as destroying the Aswaran Cataphracts!

"Pharaoh Halo!"

Faisal raised his scimitar to the air, and in a flash, a halo burst forth and spread to the army. The Mamelukes, which had already been charging at a very high speed, now became even faster, leaving behind blurs as they charged.


A hoof stomped down, immediately causing the hardy earth to splinter as if it had been struck by an enormous weight. Gravel and debris flew into the air, but by the time it had landed, the last Mameluke had already vanished, leaving behind only a deep hoofprint on the ground.

Two hundred feet!

At this distance, the winds stirred up by the two armies were so firm and tough as to seem like giant iron fists punching at the opposing army. Whether it was the Mamelukes or the Wushang Cavalry, they were both at an incredible risk at this distance. Neither side had any room to turn or even slightly alter their trajectory.


Both Tang and Arabs waited with bated breath, their expressions stricken with anxiety. Even Wang Chong couldn't stop his eyes from twitching and his breathing from becoming a little hurried.

Everything had already been changed, and even the Mamelukes seemed to have undergone some minor alterations. They were even stronger than they had been in his last life, and this was not merely in terms of equipment. Even their halo had changed. As for the Wushang Cavalry, this was the first time he had ever gathered ten thousand of them.

One was the number one cavalry force of Arabia and was publicly acknowledged as the strongest pre-calamity cavalry force. The other was the number one cavalry force of the Great Tang and was publicly acknowledged as the strongest cavalry of the calamity!

These supreme cavalry forces should have never had a chance to meet, but his intervention had resulted in this decisive battle that would shake the world! Not even Wang Chong could predict just how this clash that was taking place for the first time ever would turn out.


In the distance, right as the two armies were about to collide, Cui Piaoqi's horse suddenly stamped, releasing a powerful halo that spread to his army.


Tens of thousands of ghosts seemed to wail in unison, space twisted, and a torrent of blood surged out from the depths of space to drench the army. The ten thousand Wushang Cavalry vanished, replaced by an inconceivable sight.

They had been replaced by a world of darkness, countless bones and corpses appearing in the depths of the darkness while great streams of blood surged across the earth. In the center of this land, innumerable devils and monsters were crazily battling.

This was a world of death, a forbidden region for the soul, a butchering ground of the living. Anyone who glanced at this world would feel like they were being drawn into their worst and deepest nightmare.

"What is this?"

Faisal was startled by this sight, and all the warhorses also neighed in alarm. This was clearly a sight that none of them had ever imagined to see, but it was too late for them to do anything about it.


With a thunderous boom, the two armies crashed into each other like primordial beasts. So great was this impact that all the other sounds on the battlefield were drowned out. Not even the sounds produced by this battle of two mighty empires were capable of comparing to the collision of the Mamelukes and the Wushang Cavalry.

Bzzzz! Time seemed to slow down to a crawl. A pitch-black halo that seemed to rise from the depths of the underworld swept out from a Wushang Cavalry's hooves across the ground, knocking away dust and rock. On the other side, the Pharaoh Halo emerging from the hooves of a red-eyed Mameluke collided against it.

Boom! The collision of these two halos unleashed a metallic clatter as both halos exploded into smithereens. To spectators, the shards of these halos didn't seem to be made of Stellar Energy, but of actual metal. Hwoooo! As the two halos simultaneously neutralized each other, both the Wushang horseman and the Mameluke displayed no hesitation and heedlessly charged at their counterpart.

One had a gaze as sharp and cold as a saber while the other had bloodshot eyes brimming with a desire to kill and slaughter. As these gazes met, neither showed any sign of backing down.


Not even a second passed before the fully-armored warhorses burst through the fierce winds and collided into each other like two mountains. Kacrack! With a bang, both warhorses had innumerable bones pulverized into powder, and gouts of blood exploded outward from the point of impact.

And at the exact moment these warhorses collided…


Furious bellows shook the heavens. The cruel-faced Mameluke stabbed his scimitar with astonishing speed at the Wushang horseman, his actions clean and simple without the slightest bit of wasted movement. Moreover, his strike was both incredibly swift and incredibly lethal, with the goal of killing his opponent as quickly as possible.

In terms of attack speed, even soldiers like those of the Divine Martial Army and Dragon Stallion Army were a little slower.


This single saber had such enormous weight behind it that the warhorse beneath the Wushang Cavalry was immediately cleaved in half, drenching the earth with blood. But this mighty blow of the Mameluke had missed. It had killed the horse, but the rider had vanished. Even this veteran Mameluke was taken aback by this sight.


At almost the same moment, a sharp and fierce energy appeared. Before the Mameluke could even react, the sharp tip of a sword rapidly expanded in his vision, somehow approaching him from below. This sword was abnormally fast and abrupt. By the time he noticed it, it was only a few feet from him.


The hilt of the Mameluke's scimitar was suddenly drawn back, managing to block the lethal blow of the Wushang horseman by just a hair. That the Mameluke had thought to use his hilt to block this attack was a testament to his frightening power, and from his reaction, this wasn't even the first time he had been in this situation.

As warriors that were born for the sake of fighting and killing, the Mamelukes were able to react to all kinds of attacks with almost absurd speed. But even so, this veteran Mameluke had still underestimated his opponent. Bang! A foot came flying out from under his horse, striking the Mameluke on the waist and sending him flying into the ground.

The Wushang horseman agilely moved from beneath the horse to riding on it.


This Wushang horseman's victory caused time to return to normal speed. Bangbangbang! Similar situations were occurring elsewhere as the Wushang Cavalry bitterly fought with the Mamelukes. All was chaos as the neighing and shrieking of horse filled the air. Boom! A Mameluke was unable to endure the massive power of a cavalry charge and flew through the air like a ragdoll. At the same time, an Arabian scimitar made from Meteoric Star metal swept across the neck of a Wushang horseman.

Not even Meteoric Metal armor could completely protect these weak points.

Blood freely flowed across the earth as countless warhorses were crushed into pulp by the force of this dreadful charge. The Wushang Cavalry and the Mamelukes were both supreme fighting forces of the continent, and a battle between them was far more intense than anyone could imagine.

In a cacophony of screeching metal and impacting horses, innumerable Mamelukes and Wushang Cavalry were pulverized by this ferocious collision of the Asura Hell Formation and the Pharaoh Halo, both extremely lethal powers suffused with the energy of death.

The earth trembled and groaned beneath these two armies as if frightened and alarmed by this clash of cavalry kings. Dust billowed and churned in the air, and the battle was so intense that even light seemed to be distorted.

The fight between these two supreme forces of the continent was locked in a complete stalemate, unable to decide which was superior. These few short moments seemed to have lasted for a long epoch, and it seemed like the stalemate was set to continue. But at this moment, at the most intense moment of the battle…

As the vanguards of these two cavalry forces battled, the ten thousand Wushang Cavalry suddenly split in two. Four thousand cavalry in the rear suddenly broke off and split to the left and right, curving around to the flanks of the Mamelukes and stabbing toward them like two sharp knives.


All the Mamelukes were in full charge, all their attention focused on the Wushang Cavalry in front, when they suddenly noticed the two forces of cavalry charging at their flanks. Caught off guard, they fell into disorder. When two warriors met on a narrow road, it was the courageous one that would emerge victorious. The Mamelukes were so used to charging down their opponents and crushing them that they had never imagined that their foe would use this kind of tactic.

Moreover, there had been no sign that these eastern Wushang Cavalry would employ this kind of tactic. They had succeeded in changing their formation in the very moment of the collision. This was a nigh unthinkable ability to execute tactics.

Hwaaaa! The ranks of the Mamelukes instantly fell into chaos.