The Human Emperor Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Wei Clans Forge

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Wang Chong didnt have much time to think. With a step of the left foot, he danced along with the constellations and executed a technique he just learned from the Dragon Bone Art, Dragon Diving into the Abyss. Sou! In an instant, he dashed forward.

Wang Chong would not have been able to maneuver such a movement in the past, but after reaching Origin Energy Tier 4, Wang Chongs reaction speed and agility had increased significantly.

Hu! The fearsome force passed by Wang Chongs body with just the slightest bit of gap. In fact, Wang Chong could even feel his face creasing from the heavy wind generated by the shock wave of her blow.

That shock wave felt like daggers to the skin, causing excruciating pain to ones face.

Little sister, what are you trying to do?

Distressed by her sudden actions, Wang Chong felt infuriated. He wasnt Yao Feng, nor was he the veteran guards of the Yao Residence. If this fist were to strike him, he would have to lie in bed for at least half a month.

However, Wang Chongs words were completely neglected.

That shouldnt be! Given that little bit of strength you possess, you shouldnt be able to dodge my fist though?

Several zhang away, the Wang Familys little sisters face was tilted in confusion. She hadnt moved at all ever since released the fist. Not hearing Wang Chongs words at all, she mumbled to herself.
A zhang -> 3.33meters

Brother, when did you reaction speed get so fast?

The Wang Familys little sister lifted her head and asked Wang Chong. She knew of Wang Chongs cultivation realm and at that instant, Wang Chongs reaction speed and agility were clearly much faster than before.

This lass

Wang Chong felt angry and amused at the same time. Somehow, he couldnt bring himself to vent his anger on her:

Did you think that you were the only one who would improve? King Song had given me a Body Tempering Pill. Naturally, my abilities would rise as well!

Oh, is that so? Boring!

The Wang Familys little sister waved her hands. She soon lost all curiosity she had of Wang Chong.

You lass, werent you grounded by mother? How were you able to come over here?

Wang Chong said impatiently. Reaching Origin Energy Tier 4 didnt just boost his strength, his reaction speed and agility were boosted as well.

Three days have already passed, why would I still be grounded?

Wang Xiao Yao glared at her brother in dissatisfaction and pouted. Turning around, right when she was about to leave, she said:

Also, that fatty, Youngster Wei, has come to our house. If it wasnt for him looking for you, I wouldnt have come over!

What? Wei Hao is here?

Wang Chong was delighted. Without any hesitation at all, he immediately rushed over.

Indeed, Wei Hao came with good news.

Three days, four days if considering the day when Wang Chong went to the Eight Gods Pavilion, had passed, and Wei Hao, using the connections of his family, had managed to find for Wang Chong the required manpower for refining and forging the Hyderabad ores.

Father never allowed me to interfere in the family business easily. It took me great effort to get the few of them behind fathers back. Although these blacksmiths were not the best of the lot, they were more than sufficient to accomplish your task. Wang Chong, take a look. How is it? Not bad, huh?

Wei Hao brought Wang Chong and his sister to the western suburbs of the city, into a hidden cavern mine. He pointed to the twelve bulky and men with bared top with a gleeful expression.

Taking a glance, the twelve men were as though steel towers, possessing great strength beneath their bodies. There were also thick calluses on their fingers. From that, it could be seen from that that they were smithing experts.

It was clear that Wei Hao had taken the task he had delegated to him seriously.

Not bad, acceptable!

Wang Chong nodded his head seriously.

Hehe, Ive told you, were brothers. You dont need to worry about my ability to get things done!

Wei Hao smiled gleefully. Pointing to Wang Chong, he said loudly:

Call Young Master Chong!

Young Master Chong!

The twelve bronze-skinned men bowed and called with a respectful expression. To be able to be a brother of their young master, the little brother beside him must be of esteemed standing as well.

Wei Hao, I will skip the pleasantries. Thank you!

Wang Chong patted Wei Haos shoulders in delight. Hyderabad ore was an extremely important part of his plan. With the twelve craftsmen from the Wei Residence, he was finally about to embark on his plan. Wang Chongs heart beat furiously in anticipation and nervousness.

There was a great amount of money to be earnt from the Wootz steel weapons. No one knew this fact greater than Wang Chong himself.

Right now, the Hyderabad ores had just surfaced and as long as he were to take down this deal, wealth would come rolling in like a flood.

Wei Hao left everything in the Wang Chongs hands.

Wang Chong didnt stand on ceremonies and flinging his robe back, he stepped forward. Hualala, several black Hyderabad ores rolled down from his sleeves onto the floor.

From now on, you will be split into four teams. I only have one request, that is, for twenty-four hours a day, the fire in the furnace must be lit! Now, lets begin!

Wang Chong commanded.

Even though he looked immature, being just fifteen-year-old, Wang Chong was still a person who had led the Great Tangs armies in the past. The majesty still lingered upon him and authority exuded from his words.

Yes, Young Master Chong!

The blacksmiths immediately replied.

Boom, pulling the iron chain, the gates were opened. A crimson fiery heat wave gushed down the valve from the top and dense smoke filled the entire cavern. The twelve blacksmiths got into position. Just like that, the forge of the Wei Residence started to get into action.

Even though Wang Chong had seen and experienced much, this was his first time seeing a forge in his current life. A unique feeling arose in his heart.

How hot is the heat wave?

Looking at the crimson heat wave from the top of the valve, Wang Chong walked over and asked.

2300 degrees!

By the valve, a forty-year-old bronze-skinned craftsman said proudly. The Wei Clan had specially looked for a Feng Shui Master to look for an underground lava flow for it.

This temperature achievable by such an underground lava flow was much greater than the other methods. In the entire capital, there werent more than five underground lava flow like the Wei Clans.

If not for their young masters request, under normal conditions, this facility would never be opened to outsiders.

The temperature is too high, lower it to 1500 degrees!

He didnt expect that Wang Chong would frown and give such an order instead.


The head craftsman was taken aback. He wasnt able to comprehend the meaning of Wang Chongs actions and hurriedly argued:

But Young Master Chong, this kind of lava flow is hard to come by. There are many distinguished families who would love to get their hands on it. Furthermore, on refining ores, the higher the temperature, the better it is!

Just do as I say!

Wang Chong said authoritatively.


The head craftsman was taken aback. Usually, swords and blades were forged under high temperature, and the higher the temperature, the easier it would be to rid the ore of its impurities, allowing the sword forged to be of better quality.

This was one of the basic logic behind forging.

This kid who was known as Young Master Chong clearly knew nothing of the matter! Anyone else would be overjoyed to see the underground lava flow, but that kid found the temperature too high. He already didnt know what else he should say.

Stop complaining, just do as Young Master Chong says!

Wei Hao said. Even though he wasnt adept in forging, he knew that Wang Chong wouldnt do something without reason.


Upon hearing those words, the middle-aged head craftsman sighed within. He lamented that these ores were going to be wasted. Even if a weapon could be forged out of it, it was unlikely to be of good quality.

It wasnt his ore and it wasnt his place to worry about it, but even so, he still felt that it was a pity.

Release the river sand!

The head craftsman bellowed toward another craftsman. Boom! From the top of the cavern, iron chains moved, causing large metal buckets to tilt and a massive amount of sand grains fell into the valve.

The furnaces temperature could not be lowered by using water, and only sand was effective. This was something the Central Plains craftsmen had figured out through trials and errors, and on this aspect, their techniques were superior to that of the Western Regions forges.

The moment the sand was poured in, dense smoke came gushing out. Seeing that the heat had gone down significantly, Wang Chong nodded his head in satisfaction.

Wang Chong didnt know forging, but he knew of the properties of the Hyderabad ores!

This type of ore was completely different from the others. Other ores did better under higher temperatures, but the refinement temperature for Hyderabad ores must not exceed 1500 degrees.

Excessive heat would cause the carbon within the Wootz steel to be lost, and the crystallized structure would be ruined. If so, the Wootz steel would be no different from any normal iron.

Due to too many people being unaware of this, along with the Abbasid Caliphates intentional guarding of the secret, many failed and incomplete products of the Wootz steel appeared in the other countries.

Forging Wootz steel in such a manner caused its quality to be lowered greatly. It was a waste of a precious commodity.

As such, in his previous life, other than the Abbasid Caliphate and Characene, there werent any countries which were able to create the true Wootz steel weapons.

Right now, the Hyderabad ores had just surfaced. Wang Chong was certain that more than half of the Hyderabad ores being sold out now would go to waste.

As long as he guarded this secret, he would possess an immense advantage over others for a very long time. At the very least, for a couple of years, he would have an advantage over the Abbasid Caliphate.

And the latter happened to be his greatest competitor for the Hyderabad ores!

There were many secrets to forging the Wootz steel from the Hyderabad ores. It wasnt possible to create Wootz steel just by laying ones hands on the ores.

Unless required, Wang Chong would never say these secrets out!


The temperature in the valve was lowered to 1500 degrees. The refinement of the Hyderabad ores had finally officially started. These ores which came from the faraway Sindhu mines were thrown into the several zhang tall furnace. After which, the flames gushed up from the bottom of the valve and the crackling of which echoed loudly in the cavern.
A zhang -> 3.33meters

Wang Chong didnt know that while he was secretly refining the Hyderabad ores in the cavern, in another location, Yao Guang Yi was dressed in a metal chainmail and equipped with his sword. He was about to embark on the final move of his plan.

Whether I would be able to distance the Song Clan from the Wang Clan would depend on this!

Yao Guang Yis eyes lit up. Sitting on the back of the horse, an ambitious glint radiated in his eyes.

There were no justified wars in the Spring and Autumn period. Similarly, there was no kindness in the royal court. Even though his plan in the Vast Crane Pavilion had been wrecked by the Wang Familys siblings, Yao Guang Yi still had a follow-up plan.

As long as the plan by the border went as he planned, the Song and Wang Clan would definitely break away from one another.

As long as King Song fell, King Qi would be able to reign supreme in the court. He would have no more rivals on the court and Yao Clan, who was on this massive tree, would soar to the heavens along with it.

Even if the Old Master died, the Yao Clan would still be able to retain its wealth and glory for a very long time.

For the sake of the future of their descendants, the Old Master and he had gone through much efforts to plan this out to deal with the Wang Clan!


Yao Guang Yi squeezed the abdomen of the horse and the duo galloped away into the distant.

Probably degree celcius. Usual furnace can only reach 1000+

There were no justified wars in the Spring and Autumn period.
Spring and Autumn period: 771 476 BC
This was a saying by Meng Zi. The Spring and Autumn period was a time where the Central Plains were strife with conflicts, hegemons, and wars.
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